A New Leadership Model

We base Indigo on a simple concept: Leadership is a collective journey, and healthy communities are the basis of a fair society. That is why we focus on building groups of trust where young people find support to follow their dreams.

A Global Community

The goal of Indigo is to develop a Global Community.   In this way, we increase social capital and provide the future generation with new opportunities for personal and professional success.

Three Development Areas

We do this by focusing on three developmental areas: Emotional Leadership; Social Leadership; and Intellectual Leadership.  They are all connected by a process where students explore and discover their personal purpose.

Six Experiential Stages

At the core of the methodology are six sequential stages that allow volunteers to engage with students. Those are Community; Self Awareness; Sustainable Development; Entrepreneurship; Leadership and Emotional Management; and Communications.

These stages guide the process of facilitation and mentoring of the Indigo communities by our groups of volunteers.  

The Global Goals 


Indigo supports youth in understanding the United Nations Global Goals, and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  We encourage and mentor young people to design and execute group projects aligned with the goals. Thus, developing their leadership skills and social conscience.