The Indigo Community expands to different countries thanks to the passion and commitment of volunteers and social entrepreneurs.  They implement the Indigo Methodology and adapt it to their local context, thus remaining relevant and impactful. 


1. Panama

Panama is one of the fastest developing economies in Latin America.  It is the country where Indigo started. In Panama, we connect young people from different backgrounds as the means to fight inequality and social exclusion.


2. Colombia 

Colombia is full of passionate students who want to develop their full potential.  In the City of Manizales, we engage volunteers and students to support the transformations that the country is undergoing.  Indigo connects to foster a society of peace.  

3. Peru

Peru is a place rich in history and culture. Young people are passionate about addressing the challenges of sustainable development We are currently expanding to the City of Lima where a team of social entrepreneurs are taking an active role in shaping their society.

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4. United States

Indigo engages high school leaders from schools in Washington, D.C. It does so with the support of highly skilled volunteers, some of whom are professionals working for multilateral organizations and recognized Think Tanks.