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Contributor Guildelines

At INDIGO Youth Leadership Community, we believe in the power of young people to change the world.  Through the INDIGO Methodology, we engage volunteers to bridge the gaps of interaction between people from different socioeconomic backgrounds within a society and empower high school students to achieve their goals.  In this way, we hope to build a fair and sustainable world where everyone has access to similar resources and opportunities. A world where inequality does not limit anyone’s potential.

Our Audience and Topics of Interest

We work together with influential leaders and professionals, as well as with other leadership development organizations that amplify the voice of youth.  We aim to spread ideas that promote, among these social and business leaders,  youth as active players in transforming the world, the benefits to society of the engagement between high school students of different socioeconomic backgrounds and the role of experiential learning in developing purpose-driven leadership in high school students.

We are interested in articles discussing the development of emotional, social and intellectual skills in high school students and how these skills connect with the future economy. We publish articles that enhance our audience’s understanding of the impact and opportunities for youth around the six areas developed by the Indigo Methodology.  Those areas are Community; Self Awareness; Sustainable Development; Entrepreneurship; Leadership and Emotional Management; and Communications.  

Our Voice

We expect our contributors to write keeping in mind these attributes of our personality:

  • We are young and idealistic

  • We are community oriented and see leadership as a collective journey

  • We are inspirational and optimistic about the future

  • We are trustworthy and supportive of young people

  • We believe in change and action that disrupts the status-quo  

  • We act locally and connect globally

  • We are committed to improving the state of the world

What we seek

We consider these things when evaluating whether to publish something by a guest contributor:

Original Content: We are looking for unique and insightful ideas. Share a different angle on a known topic or a perspective that will enhance the understanding of our readers of leadership issues concerning youth.

Contributor’s Expertise: We are not looking for celebrities, but we want our contributors to have either experience or in-depth knowledge of the issues the present.

Evidence-based ideas:  While we value your ideas and opinions, we encourage you to support them with facts or references to credible research.

Value to our readers: We hope that our contributors consider how leaders and decision-makers can use the new information.  Let our readers know what you propose and what they can do to implement your ideas.

Quality of writing: Think of how you can keep people who already know a lot about leadership interested in your article. Make it easy to read and avoid using complicated terminology.  The idea is that people enjoy the read.  Watch your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Final articles should have a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of 1200. To submit a proposal or a finished document, please write it in a google doc and provide us the link by inserting in the form at the bottom of this page.  If you are a new contributor, please remember to include a short bio.

We will get back to you within one week to let you know if we would like to publish it.

Sometimes, we may have some suggestions or proposed changes to your article.  Therefore, you may be asked to do multiple rounds of revisions.  We appreciate your patience during this process.

We retain final decision over headlines.  If we edit your title, it may be because we feel the new title may be more attractive to our audience.  We will notify you if we decide to use a different headline.

We are looking for original content. Please, avoid sending us material that has been published elsewhere. We will not post content that may come across as promotional, discriminatory or misleading.  We will also reject submissions if they do not contain links back to the sources of information.

Article Proposals

You can send us proposals for your article if you think it may be a topic of interest to our audience.  Please try to answer the following questions when sending us your idea:

  • What is the central message of the article?

  • What do business leaders or young professionals need to know about it?

  • Why is it important, useful or new?

  • What is your idea of a call to action? How can your idea be implemented?

  • Why are you a source of authority on this subject?

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